Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Today is my oldest son Jeremiah’s 14th birthday. I think he is excited to be another year older. I remember like it was yesterday holding him when he was a little baby. He was always so cute in his little GAP hats. It was neat that when Jeremiah was a little older he said, GAP was short for “GOD ANSWERS PRAYER.”

If you have heard the story of Jeremiah overcoming Autism you know that those three words have special meaning to us. Here is a link to his Autism story if you haven’t read it before: Miracles and Autism

For his birthday, Jeremiah has already picked out his ice-cream cake from Dairy Queen, and he is all set for his birthday celebration tonight. We always let our boys choose where they want to eat out. His choice for birthday supper this year is Pizza Hut. I’m ready to go have pizza that sounds really yummy! ; )

After birthday dinner, we will come home and eat cake. This is the first year I have bought non-character party stuff.

Jeremiah is quickly growing into an amazing, young, Christian man. I am so proud of what he stands for, and the choices he makes. Happy Birthday, Jeremiah! We love you very much!

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